Project Portfolio Management

Our PPM Service Offer

We help your company maintain its competitive edge, achieve more with lower budget and fewer employees, and use every opportunity to reduce costs. Keeping the “status quo” is not enough for our customers. Organizations in every industry are challenged to work more intelligently and introduce innovations more quickly. Because of the current difficult market conditions, it is important to not only survive, but to maximize your success. Hereby Clarity ®Broadcom can help you. Clarity ®Broadcom gives you a deeper insight into your investments and resources, and can perfectly streamline operations and performance.

Assessments and Roadmaps

Requirements and demands for Clarity change over time.
By checking the usage behavior and re-analyzing the requirements Clarity shows its optimization potential.


We have implemented Clarity in companies of all sizes,
and in different sectors. Through our extensive experience,
we are able to provide all our customers with specific support.

PMO Consulting

In order to setup a PMO efficiently, we support our customers with the
creation of an optimal and transparent way of working. In addition, we produce guidelines and trainings.


In order to use Clarity optimally, we inform our customers about the latest versions and features. After analyzing the existing installation, it is evaluated whether a version update is necessary. We update and make appropriate adjustments.


We make the data exchange with our customers’ systems.
To this end, we analyze the infrastructure and existing systems such
as SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. Based on our experience with tested techniques, we ensure programming and data transfer.


Our support does not end with the implementation of Clarity.
In addition to document production, we also provide training
for your employees through our experienced consultants.


Clarity provides a variety of portlets and reports. After analyzing the requirements and in-depth consultation, we create portlets/reports in the desired formats and technologies.


We also look after our customers after their Go-Live. We offer customized support for the ongoing operation of Clarity.